What if the World Is Not Ending?

About this session

The world has not faced as many geopolitical crises and paradigm shifts at the same time since the fall of the Soviet Union. However, investors are spending too much time on crises that are either not investment-relevant or that are overstated. And too little on the sources of real risk. The war in Ukraine and the European energy crises are overstated risks. What happens to Russia after the war and the emergence of a Machiavellian America are the real risks.

Session Speakers


Marko Papic

Socio y Jefe de Estrategia | Partner and Chief Strategist

Partner and chief strategist at Clocktower Group, an alternative investment asset management firm. He leads the firm’s Strategy Team, providing bespoke research to clients and partners on geopolitics, macroeconomics, and markets.​


Marcelo Martinelli

Asesor Principal Departamento de Reservas | Advisor to the Head of Department
Banco Central de Brasil

Marcelo Martinelli is a senior advisor at the Foreign Reserves Department at the Central Bank of Brazil.

Opening Remarks

José Darío Uribe

Presidente Ejecutivo |
Executive President

Durante 12 años fue gerente general del Banco de la República (Banco central de Colombia), después de haber ocupado los cargos de gerente técnico y subgerente de investigaciones económicas de la misma entidad.

Agenda and Objectives

Iker Zubizarreta

Director Financiero | Chief Investment & Financial Office

Director financiero desde 2007. Ingresa al FLAR en 2005 como director de investigación financiera.

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