August 27th 2020


Arnab Das

Global Market Strategist

Arnab Das joined Invesco in 2015 as head of EMEA and Emerging Markets Macro Research and has been Invesco’s London-based Global Market Strategist, EMEA since 2018. Arnab has held several economics and strategy roles since 1992, including Roubini Global Economics, Co-Head of Research; Dresdner Kleinwort Co-Head, Global Economics and Strategy, Head FX Strategy and EM Research; JP Morgan Head of EMEA EM Research. He has also been an independent research consultant, including with specialist research boutique Trusted Sources. In all these roles he has worked with private sector clients and market participants, and provided guidance on macro, markets, policy, communication and ratings for governments and senior policymakers in Brazil, Argentina, Russia, Turkey, South Africa and India; to affected governments in the Eurozone crisis; and to country and crisis management teams as well as senior policymakers in the IMF and US Treasury.
Today he engages with institutional investors, central banks and governments as clients; with Invesco investment teams; and in policy dialogue with central banks and treasuries in developed and emerging markets, the IMF and many non-government organizations. Arnab’s research interests include macroeconomics, economic and financial history, geopolitics and geo-economics. He studied at Princeton University and the London School of Economics, where his doctoral research compared economic policies and performance in select major EM economies.

About this webinar

On this occasion, Arnab Das and Marco Ruiz will speak from a global perspective how the appearance of COVID-19 is changing relations between countries and their participation in the economy, touching on topics such as:

  • Are we witnessing a new world order?
  • What are the long-term investment implications?
  • Will the Central Banks continue to use their reserves as they have been doing?

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