Episode 2

May 28th 2020

Allianz SE

Ludovic Subran

Chief Economist

Ludovic leads the Economic Research at Allianz SE and Euler Hermes. This unique team bridges top-notch research on countries, sectors, capital markets and trends to provide our clients with best-in-class knowledge. Before joining Allianz, Ludovic worked for prestigious institutions such as the French Ministry of Finance, the United Nations and the World Bank. Ludovic also teaches economics at HEC Business School. Ludovic is ranked in the top 100 French leaders of tomorrow; he often shares analyses with clients and the media.

About this Webinar

As more are outlining their plans to gradually restart economic activity Ludovic Subran will talk to us about:

  • Estimates of the unprecedented economic shock caused by full-fledged lockdowns will be presented.
  • What it takes to get back to business as usual
  • What could go wrong?.
  • The mid-term legacy of this crisis

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