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Jan Hatzius

Economista Jefe
Goldman Sachs

Jan is head of the Global Investment Research Division and the firm’s chief economist. He is a member of the Management Committee and the Client and Business Standards Committee.

Andrew Ang

Líder de Factores, Sostenibilidad y Soluciones
Blackrock Systematic

Andrew Ang, PhD, Managing Director, is Head of Factors, Sustainable and Solutions for BlackRock Systematic. He also serves as Senior Advisor to BlackRock Retirement Solutions.

Marko Papic

Socio y Jefe de Estrategia | Partner and Chief Strategist

Partner and chief strategist at Clocktower Group, an alternative investment asset management firm. He leads the firm’s Strategy Team, providing bespoke research to clients and partners on geopolitics, macroeconomics, and markets.​

Arnab Das

Estratega de Mercados
Globales | Global
Market Strategist

Arnab Das is Global Market Strategist in the EMEA region, based in London, and a member of Invesco’s Global Thought Leadership team.

Sir Adam Thomson

Ex- embajador del Reino Unido
ante la OTAN y la ONU | Former UK ambassador
to NATO and the UN

Sir Adam Thomson KCMG has been the Director of the European Leadership Network since November 2016.​

Evans Revere

Ex- vicesecretario adjunto del Estado | Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State
US Government

Evans J.R. Revere is senior advisor with the Albright Stonebridge Group. From 2007-2010, Revere served as president and CEO of The Korea Society.​

Louise Tumchewics

Investigador Principal
| Senior Research

Bio pendiente​

Pramit Pal Chaudhuri

Asesor Independiente de Seguridad Nacional | Independent National Security Advisor
Gobierno de la India

Pramit Pal Chaudhuri was a Senior Advisor at Rhodium Group and led the firm’s India research.​

Panelistas | Speakers - El Futuro es Ahora | The Future is Now

Éric Lamarcq

Director General Adjunto | Deputy Director General European Investment Bank

Experienced Director of Treasury with a demonstrated history of 30 years working in the banking industry (France, Germany, Luxembourg).

Iseult Conlin

Líder de Crédito Institucional de U.S. | Head of U.S. Institutional Cash Credit Tradeweb

Iseult Conlin is a Managing Director for U.S. Credit at Tradeweb Markets.

Charlie Berman

Co- fundador & CEO | Co-founder and CEO Agora

Charlie has been continuously involved in the international bond markets since the 1980s, responsible for numerous transactions in multiple markets and in the creation of cornerstone new products for the market.​

Sameena Shah

Director Gerente AI Research | Managing Director AI Research
J.P. Morgan

Dr. Sameena Shah is a Managing Director in the AI Research organization at J.P. Morgan. She is a highly accomplished technology leader with over 20 years of educational…

Peng Cheng

Líder de Learning Strategies | Head of Machine Learning Strategies
J.P. Morgan

As a member of JPMorgan Global Research, Peng Cheng leads the Big Data and AI Strategies research effort based in New York…

James Reynolds

Fundador & CEO |
Founder & CEO
Loop Capital

James Reynolds, Jr. is Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Loop Capital. Mr. Reynolds founded Loop Capital in 1997 with a simple motto as a guide: “To provide client service beyond expectations.”​

Stela Lupushor​

Chief- Reframer |
Author: Humans At Work

I am a workplace futurist, consultant, and educator on a mission to humanize the workplace. ​

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