DeFi and the Future of Finance

Session 3 - XXXV Conference of Central Banks and Official Institutions: A glimpse into the future

About this Session

The world of finance will fundamentally be changed over the coming decade. This session is about how to become part of the disruption – not the target of the disruption Campbell R. Harvey will talk about his latest book DeFi and the Future of Finance about the problems with the current financial system and how DeFi solves many of these problems. The essence of DeFi is that we interact with peers—there is no brick and mortar and all of the associated costs. Savings and lending are reinvented. Trading takes place with algorithms far removed from traditional brokerages. As with any new technology, there are a myriad of risks and the author carefully catalogue these risks and assess which ones can be successfully mitigated.

Guest Speaker
Campbell R. Harvey
Professor of Finance at the Fuqua School of Business, Duke University
Iker Zubizarreta
Chief Investments and Financial Officer, FLAR
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